A Driver’s “Instincts” for Keeping Himself Safe

As thousands of drivers fall victim to crimes each year in America, we, Action Taxi, a reputable company providing unfailing quality transport services, also ensure the best safety measures for our valued drivers in the business. There are always dangers in every industry, and in that sense, we try to navigate our way to making sure that our drivers are kept safe. However, we also trust the instincts of our drivers when any form of danger arises.

1. “Look and Read”

People are generally diverse in nature and personality. One of the things drivers should remember is that they will be dealing with strangers. So they should always keep their guard up and trust their instincts. And the best way to keep them from any possible or inevitable harm is by making eye contact and eagerly watching or observing their passengers. At times, people with a mischievous plan tend to look suspicious, and their body language may speak volumes about it. Our drivers should memorize their descriptions, such as facial features and any strong, distinguishable marks.

2. “Hear and Listen”

Drivers should also be aware of vague instructions given by their clients. While it is best to probe or ask for the specific address, drivers should listen to their instincts when something ‘sounds’ bad or does not sit right with the location. Drivers should know where to look to see if they are being led or lured to some dark alley or back lanes where they might fall victim to robbery or crime. Also, a driver should have the ability to actively listen to their client and look through their shared conversations that may pose as a method of diversion.

3. “Feel and Be Aware”

As mentioned above, people with mischievous plans may look suspicious. Our drivers should have that awareness around them, especially when the atmosphere becomes ‘heavy’ with the passenger’s intentions. Trust their instinct when the intensity levels of the atmosphere get high, especially when the client sits right behind the driver as the spot becomes their perfect cover (Primary Danger Zone). At this point, drivers should trust their gut instinct, be on guard, and heighten their alertness for any possible attack.

4. “Be still, Do Not Flee”

It is best not to get on the defensive when a passenger-turned-robber possesses a weapon. At this most critical time, it is wise to maintain calmness, avoid resistance, and comply with the demands. We, Action Taxi, care for the well-being of our passengers and our Brentwood, TN, taxi drivers. Our precious drivers in the industry are the providers of quality transport services. To book our services, call us at 615-582-9635.